Star Wars Trivia!

This a Jeopardy!-style trivia game all about the first six movies in the Star Wars saga. 

Here’s how you play:

    • There are two rounds. Make sure you start with Round One.
    • You do not need PowerPoint installed on your computer or device to play.
    • The dollar figures under each category are links to a question. Click the dollar figure to view the question. 
    • Click your mouse or use the forward arrow to show the question. Take your time and think about it … unless someone in your family is humming the Jeopardy! tune to make you go faster. 🤣
    • When you’re ready with your answer, click your mouse or use the forward arrow to show the correct answer and see if you were right!
    • 🚨🚨 When you’ve completed the question and answer screen, click the Home link in the bottom right corner of the screen to go back to the main board. 🚨🚨
    • The dollar figure you just chose should change color so you know that question has been answered, but in our practice runs, it’s been hit and miss. We recommend you keep a sheet of paper next to you, list the categories and dollar figures, and cross off each section as you go. ✏️✏️
    • Keep playing until you finish the board and then move on to Round Two.
    • Keep track of your points. When we’ve played this game in the past, we’ve made it simple by using 2 for 200, 10 for 1000, etc.
    • Use the force, young Padawan! 🌟

Round One!


Round Two!