The Denville Library is excited to announce the opening of our Seed Library!  Just in time to sow seeds outside for the 2023 Gardening Season!

What is a Seed Library?

It is a NEW resource for the community! The Library has received a donation of seeds and we have purchased some seeds to start this project. The Library will catalog, sort and prepare the seeds for distribution. You, the community, can take the seeds for your garden, however donations are encouraged.   

Do I need a Denville Library card to use the Seed Library?

No, but if you are a Denville resident, we encourage you to get a Library card!  It takes just a few moments at the Circulation Desk!  Please also take advantage of the Library’s collection of gardening books.  

How do I borrow seeds?

The Seed Library operates on an Honor system. You may open the drawers and browse through the current inventory of seeds and/or check the inventory list (in the binder).  Please record which seed packets you took in the log at the back of the binder, along with the requested information (date, seed type borrowed, seed variety, # of packets, town of residence, and suggestions for future inventory)

How many seed packets can I take?

Please limit to 5 seed packets per visit to the Seed Library to ensure that all of our community members have access to the available seeds.

What if my seeds do not germinate or grow?

The Denville Library cannot guarantee that seeds will germinate and grow.

Do I need to donate seeds in order to receive seeds?

No, you are not required to donate seeds back to the Seed Library!  We hope that you will consider harvesting and saving seeds at the end of the harvest and donate them to the Seed Library for other gardeners to use in the future.

How do I donate seeds to the Seed Library?

  • You can donate new, in package seeds to the Library
  • We cannot accept:
    • Seeds that are treated
    • Seeds that are patented or that are protected under the Plant Variety Protection Act
    • We cannot accept hybrid seeds that are not from a seed company
  • We CAN accept hybrid seeds from a seed company
  • We CAN accept other seeds, Organic and non-GMO are preferred
  • We will accept all other seeds but are most interested in native plants, edible plants (vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc), and pollinating plants.
  • Please fill out the following information for each type of seed you are donating.
    • Plant name
    • Year seeds were harvested
    • Phone/Email (if we have questions)
    • Heirloom? Organic? Non GMO?