Romance Book Cloud currently features a core collection of over 1700 eBooks!

How can we read the books?

You can read anytime and anywhere you wish! All you need is an internet connection! Simply click this link to get automatic, free access to the Romance Book Cloud  and choose your favorite book!

Clicking on one of the covers brings you to what we call the “Book detail page.” This page shows you basic information about the book like the author, publisher, page count, and reviews.

When you’re ready, click on the “Read Online” button! The book will open in a new browser tab, and be ready to read immediately.

Can the books be downloaded?

No. Our books are not downloadable. We want you to be able to read our books 24/7, with no check-outs or wait times. Instant access means no downloads. And that also means that your device isn’t weighed down by bulky programs, or cluttered with download files. You read online!

Ready to get started?

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