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Sunny Side of the Street with Ken Lelen

on Wed, 03/05/2014 - 10:29am


When we think of the Great Depression of the 1930s, we might only remember images of people waiting in bread lines and being served in soup kitchens. But even during the Depression, some folks managed to look on the bright side and find themselves "On The Sunny Side Of The Street."  Join us for this fun musical evening featuring mirthful songs of the 1930s -- songs that eased the Depression's bite, offered pithy personal advice, and poked fun at the upper crust.

Singer and guitarist Ken Lelen is adept at combining music, pithy anecdotes, and history to really evoke the flavor of a time period. His musical shows provide not only entertainment, but education. "Lelen's real passion is in delivering the honesty of the emotions in these old songs. Connecting with people is the primary reason Lelen is a musician." Princeton Packet      For more information on Ken Lelen, visit Vintage Music Concerts.


Get yourself into the mood -- check out the library's Pinterest page which includes short clips of period songs, and more! 


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Event Date: 
Monday, April 14, 2014 - 7:00pm

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